This is the Beginning

Welcome to this blog where I want to share my enthousiasm about all things textured with you.

For this is indeed about ‘us’, with me being excited finally to get started with this blog, and with you having found me and hopefully sharing my excitement about beautiful textile things.

To get started properly, I want to share with you this felt time capsule.

Time captured in felt, to make time more ‘felt’.

I made it during last New Year’s Eve, to mark what was an extraordinary moment in time – actually to capture time, to try & make it more mine.

The process is labourious but that was the point 😉

The shape takes some time to emerge.

Starting from an oversized shape (allowing for the shrinkage during the felting process) covered in bubble wrap, adding lots of merino wool and some scraps of red textile, the only other ingredients are hot water, soap & lots of patience.


This gave me a lot of time to think about myself, about the coming year & what it might bring to me. What I would to bring to it.

Fabrics are omnipresent in my living room.

More creativity, I decided. And finding a way to share that with the world. With you.

In this blog fabrics, in all their diverse shapes & forms, have centre stage. And they are alive: they tell a story.

It’s those stories I want to tell. Will you join me?