About Me

To be a good witch requires lots of practising. Especially my first long skirt proved long influential.

As a child I wanted to be

… a medieval princess, an archeologist, a witch, a writer, 


I climbed trees & built camps. I collected pigs. I sang a lot, often made up songs, and enjoyed playing music. I was (still am) an avid reader – the type that reads the cereal box if nothing else is available. I messed with clay & built Lego constructions. I had a secret hideaway which no one ever found. I often dreamt of flying. I looked after my own tree & saved it during the long dry Summer of 1976. I often asked ‘why’. I sew clothes for my dolls. I invented stories.


I grew up to be an historian – which hindered the singing but allowed for great reading. The publishing industry which has employed me for over ten years, isn’t too keen on clay or flying but accommodates the reading too, obviously.

My home has no table or chairs or TV. It’s been called ‘full’ but I prefer the terms rich & baroque. Books and fabrics are omnipresent, probably in equal measure. I often wear long skirts.


My needle felted avatar, in burgundy & bright red merino wool.

At a Matrix course a few years ago my co-students identified me as a dragon meaning, apparently: Strong & powerful. Inquisitive, considerate & loyal. Sometimes fierce, but overall friendly. Wow!

I decided I wanted that image to cropped-draak2.jpgcome alive, to serve in my daily life, if possible, as a reminder of lessons learnt and a token of values to aspire to.