Merry Everything, Happy Always

No need to beat about the bush: this was a hard year. Nobody expects everything always to be merry and happy. But for so many of us very little was. As a dear friend wrote a while ago: “It’s almost over. And 2018 will be better.” It’s become a bit of a personal mantra.

Especially to get through what are called the dark days of the year. Yet they do contain much softness and light, if you care to look for them.

For sneer as we might at the artificiality of the Holiday Season, it’s worth uncovering its roots. Essentially these in-between-days offer us a marker, a ritual. Numbers are indeed but numbers. But the simple change from 7 to 8 offers space to pauze, time to reflect on what has been and what might come. About our own position in it all.

So let the passage from Old to New be a time of craftsmanship. That is, of attention and care, of patience and resilience, and dreaming of new relations with objects and people. Of kindness, warmth and mercy. Of a firm belief in our own agency. And the strength to engage it worthwhile.








Let me then wish you two things. One, that you may sense the presence of a guardian angel, accompanying you in all your endeavours, not so much to direct you, let alone take over, but to give you confidence to strive for what is important to you. Second, that at times that are hard or tricky or demand a particular strength on your part, you may feel a particular affinity with your guardian angel, in the sense that you too have wings. Enjoy the flight!

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